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    Why choose South Bay Tutors?

  • Results: Our set up is different (we're a network), our team is great at what they do; check us out on yelp: South Bay Tutors Yelp Reviews
  • Easy Access: We are ech independent and each make our own schedules and rates.
  • 100% GuaranteeIf you don't think your tutor was worth it your money will be refunded, no questions asked.
  • Rates: Rates vary from $35 to $50 per hour for K-12 subjects, and are based mainly on the difficulty of the subject. For tutoring with Joseph or for SAT prep call or email for a quote.
  • Background Checks: Done prior to a tutor joining.

Welcome to South Bay Tutors; we are a group of elite in home tutors in the Redondo beach and Torrance / Palos Verdes areas.

New: Joseph the AP statistics tutor Palos Verdes & Redondo beach is doing AP statistics Tutor lessons in Redondo beach and Palos Verdes & Torrance aras. With his background in finance and several years tutoring AP statistics in Palos Verdes and Torrance areas he knows what the teachers often cant explain and can also help students prepare for the AP exam in spring.

New: Our expanding network needs advanced math tutors for the upcoming school year. If you or someone you know is an awesome math tutor in Palos Verdes or Redondo Beach (or fairly close) please submit resume to or call our number for more info. Palos Verdes tutoring jobs and Redondo beach tutoring jobs are hard to come by and with our network you make your own schedule and have a great deal of freedom.

The tutors each have a great skill set for tutoring, superb credentials, and the right personality for the job. In addition to subject mastery and great explanation skills, their personalities include a great deal of patience, gentleness, and positivity. Only those who receieve great reviews remain in the network.

If you'd like to learn more about any of the local Redondo Beach and Torrance tutors click on the links to the left.

My name is Joseph and I founded the tutoring network you see here. From 2004 to 2007 I was a faculty math tutor at Marymount College in Palos Verdes. My specialty was special needs students who had a lot of trouble learning math. While other tutors sometimes got frustrated or didn't know how to bridge the communication gap with these students I found that I really enjoyed working with them. I had ADD myself as a kid and often did not understand what the teacher was saying. I believe this helped me to learn to break down complex concepts for my own understanding, with the result being that I could explain difficult concepts to my own students in easy to understand ways.

In 2004 I began tutoring privately in the cities of Redondo Beach and Manhattan beach. That first year was one of learning for me; learning how to communicate difficult math concepts, and learning from parents that many tutors are not effective. I sought to learn what makes one tutor effective and another not effective.

There were many factors such as explanation skills, knowledge of the subject, and overall personality. A person who is empathic and patient by nature will often help by simply knowing when to teach and when to be quiet as the student is figuring out a concept. An instructor's quiet encouragement will also bolster the confidence of the pupil. A tutor lacking in these communication skills can have the opposite effect. I highly encourage anyone reading this to be selective in your choice of a tutor, regardless of who you decide to go with; ask a lot of questions, make sure the tutor's personality is good, and make sure your student is happy!

Each tutor's full bio can be seen linked to the left. As a general rule tutors for K-7th grade tutor everything; while for 8th grade and beyond they are specialized by subject.

Chris and Paulina are available for in home tutoring for math and English in Redondo beach and Torrance areas. Paulina is perhaps the most emotionally nurturing tutor I've ever worked with. Chris is our history AP tutor for Torrance and can do European and US history courses as well as help prepare students for the AP exams coming up in a couple of months.

Robin and Victor are available to do in home SAT tutoring. Robin was trained by the Princeton Review and has a personal score in the top 1%. Victor is a highly trained SAT specialist who knows the SAT inside and out. He is able to help students decide if they are better off taking the SAT or ACT. I've worked with Victor and Robin for 8 years and have had only excellent feedback for each of them.

For algebra tutoring in Torrance or Redondo Beach Carolyn is a great choice. She does all K-8th subjects and is especially adept at English and math courses for the Torrance and Redondo Beach areas. She lives in Lomita and will travel to nearly all South Bay cities.


  • Test Prep: SAT, ACT, TOEFL, SSAT, AP exam prep, Most SAT 2 subjects such as math, Spanish, history, and chemistry.
  • Algebra
  • Chemistry AP
  • Science
  • Statistics AP
  • Physics AP
  • Biology AP
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Special Needs Tutoring Redondo Beach.
  • Special Needs Tutor Torrance.
  • Any other K-12 subject not listed above as well as many college courses.
    • Palos Verdes
    • Manhattan Beach
    • Playa Vista
    • Culver City
    • Torrance
    • Redondo Beach
    • Manhattan Beach
    • Playa Vista.

    For more info on a particular tutor or anything else you may email or call any day of the week.


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